Through His Lens–seeing through faith and not fear!

It’s your classic showdown: he said vs she said. Two people discussing the same event and yet somehow, seeing things very differently, perhaps even contradictory to one another.  As a teacher, this happens ALL THE TIME.  I’ll plan an activity that I think will be helpful, powerful, and maybe even funonly to have a student share with me that they thought that activity was none of those things. Ugh, “why can’t you see things the way I do?!?” I think.  Continue reading “Through His Lens–seeing through faith and not fear!”


How would we view ourselves, others, and life circumstances differently if we actually saw them through God’s lens?

Welcome to Through His Lens Ministries!  We are a community of women who are passionate about growing a rich relationship with Christ , sharing that knowledge with others, and encouraging one another along the journey.

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