How would we view ourselves, others, and life circumstances differently if we actually saw them through God’s lens?

Welcome to Through His Lens Ministries!  We are a community of women who are passionate about growing a rich relationship with Christ , sharing that knowledge with others, and encouraging one another along the journey.

At THL, we believe that to live a thriving Christian life, we need to see ourselves, other  s, and all of life’s situations through God’s lens and not our own!  We’re here to help each other do that.
Whether you are 5 or 55 and anywhere in between and beyond, learning to see life Through His Lens is something that is a goal for every female that encounters this website.  At every stage of life, situations can take us for a ride if we let it…but do they have to? When we know who we are and who we belong to, and we recognize that our God is Sovereign, Holy, and All Powerful, and we take the time to get to know Him and His character, then we will be able to see all situations through His eyes.  We can then see that God can make ALL things beautiful. He can extract Beauty from Ashes! He can make the dry bones live again! He can make water seep out of a rock, he can make bread fall from the sky, and He can turn what the devil meant for evil and our demise into our good. He can turn our mourning into dancing, He can turn our sorrows into joys, He builds patience in us, He accentuates our character with greatness, and He gives us hope and faith to rest in the palm of His hands. And all of this is birthed out of our turmoil and pain.  He is our potter and we are His clay, He is shaping and molding us into His own image. And when we fully understand and grasp all of this and then some, our future looks so much brighter. The situation no longer looks so bleak. We end up resting and feeling at peace…even in the midst of a storm! And it all begins when we learn to LOOK THROUGH HIS LENS!


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