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We began approximately two years ago when Sharnice walked into Ruth’s apartment for a Saturday Morning Prayer date.  It was the first time they had ever met and there was an instant connection. God definitely had His hand in the way the two would come to work together.  There was a ministry birthed right there through praise, worship, and exploring God’s Word together. Shortly after their first meeting, Sharnice began a bi-monthly book study on the book FerVent by Priscilla Shirer.  Ruth became a very active and supportive member of the group and as time passed, it was apparent that the network of women that they each were reaching was growing and growing with the fellowship opportunities they were providing the women.  It has now grown into a conglomerate of opportunities in which women from all walks of life are able to come together to fellowship. With an agenda to explore God’s love, receive God’s love, and spread God’s love, we have created a supportive network of Christian women bonded together in unity. We have held ladies prayer nights, participated in prayer retreats and women’s conferences, supported different ministry efforts of our members, had a few ladies night outs, and the list goes on and on.  We have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries and even supported one another through tragedy, grief, and loss. As we continue to seek God’s guidance and practice viewing life THROUGH HIS LENS, we are humbled to be a part of what God is doing in and through THL Ministries and we can’t wait to see what He has in store for the years ahead.

All about Ruth…well not really….but here’s a good snippet of it…SMILE!

Ruth was raised in Lansing, Michigan (that’s the capital for all of you who have only heard of Detroit!) with her two brothers and sister.  Following family tradition, she attended Michigan State University, majoring in Mathematics and minoring in History with the goal of teaching High School Math. During the fall of her senior year, she received information about a program, called Math For America, recruiting individuals to teach Mathematics in New York City’s massive public school system.  Through a series of providential events and open doors, including God working in her the desire to even move to NYC, she moved there right after graduation in June 2006. After completing her Master’s in Mathematics Education, she entered the classroom in the fall of 2007.

Ruth LOVES teaching teenagers–something about their dramatic stage of life and her expressive personality seems to be a match made in heaven.  For her, teaching is ministry and her prayer is that her students see Christ reflected as she teaches them SOH CAH TOA, reminds them about their upcoming test, or just simply tries to make them smile at 8:30 on a Monday morning.  Teaching has helped her understand her relationship with God better and often finds that teachable moments with her students are also God’s teachable lessons to her.

Her time in NYC has continually taught her that God is the God who answers prayer!  He is the God who provides!  And thus, in the fall of 2015, Ruth began hosting a women’s prayer group after God brought her through a very intense season of life.  Praying with other women and encouraging them with God’s truth are great joys. 

Outside of work and ministry, she LOVES Michigan State and Basketball.  If she can combine her love of College sports and her love of bringing people together, she is one happy woman.  If she wasn’t a Teacher, she’d probably bust her way into Sports Casting 🙂

In all seriousness, she loves to encourage women to put their hope in God, who specializes in the impossible, but often needs the reminder herself.  Hence the need for THL!

Here’s Sharnice’s Story…there’s so much more…but this will do…for now…SMILE!

Sharnice was born and partly raised in New York City with her little sister.  Her family moved to Connecticut when she was 13. As a child, she loved taking family vacations, shopping with Grandma, and having sleepovers with friends. Sharnice attended Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, North Carolina for her undergraduate degree where she majored in Biology, minored in Chemistry and received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in hopes of becoming a doctor.  After several failed attempts of the MCATs and Medical School rejection letters, Sharnice was dumbfounded as to where she was to go next in her career. A friend told her about the New York Teaching Fellows program and eventually, for her graduate studies, she attended City College and received a Master’s of Education with a concentration in Science. Currently, she is a few credits shy of obtaining her Masters in Educational Leadership…or possibly a doctorate…SMILE!! She will become a doctor one way or another…LOL.

Sharnice entered the field of education and knew she made the right choice the moment she stepped foot in the classroom! As a Science teacher for 9 years and an administrator for 3 years, Shanice’s passion for educating emanates through her pores…SMILE! Sharnice’s current endeavor is her company, Smart CookiEZ Education, an educational consulting firm that provides mentoring and coaching services to new teachers.  

Sharnice Attends Christ Temple of the Apostolic Faith in Harlem NY.  She serves in many ministries at her church including the Praise Team, Choir, educating the tiny tots as a Sunday School teacher, and engaging Youth in exploring a fruitful relationship with the Lord as a Youth Leader.

Sharnice has been married for seven years to her wonderful husband and best friend, Akil.  Together they Dream BIG, Laugh Hard, and Love Unconditionally. Wondering about family expansion, are you? Well, our answer will always be “Whenever the Good Lord sees fit!  But… we are excitedly awaiting the moment…SMILE!!!”  Sharnice likes to try new things and especially enjoys experimenting with new types of cuisine from different cultures. She appreciates spending quality time with family, friends, and loved ones, gospel music, and singing, Painting…in the Park, at the Beach, in the Backyard, by the lake, etc., Camping, Microwave popcorn with M&M peanuts, Brownies, and walking through the aisles of Target and Whole Foods.

Overall, we are just a bunch of ladies tryna follow the Lord!

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