Where are you looking?!?!?! Your growth depends on it!

Read Exodus 3

So this is a story about Moses…we all know Moses right?!?! He’s the “Let my people go!” guy from the Prince of Egypt…SMILE!!! No, in all seriousness, those four words spoken by Moses are super powerful and they represent so many wonderful things for the Children of Israel and ALL the people of God! Some of its significance will be highlighted in this blog and others will surface in future writings on this passage.  So back to Moses….he’s a really special guy, in fact, we learn that his name means “’Pulled Out’ – Because I drew him out of the water.” (Exodus 2:10) [That’s a super deep concept of foreshadowing that we just can’t cover today…but eventually…SMILE!!]. All throughout this book we learn and experience ways in which Moses’ name is exemplified as him being “Pulled Out”, Set Apart, CHOSEN! Moses has a work to do for the Kingdom of God and through this book, we find out how he embraced that fact. Continue reading “Where are you looking?!?!?! Your growth depends on it!”

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